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Featured Speakers

avatar for William Shatner

William Shatner

Actor, Director, Legend
avatar for Scott Grimes

Scott Grimes

Actor - The Orville
avatar for Ben Browder

Ben Browder

Actor, Director
avatar for Ken Foree

Ken Foree

Actor, Writer, Producer
avatar for Peter Greenwood

Peter Greenwood

Australian Voice Actor, Illustrator, Special Effects Technician
avatar for John Eaves

John Eaves

Concept Designer, Hollywood
avatar for Stephanie Mihm

Stephanie Mihm

First Lady of the Mihmiverse
avatar for Christopher R. Mihm

Christopher R. Mihm

Saint Euphoria, LLC
Writer, Director, Producer


avatar for Kevin Atkins

Kevin Atkins

Master of Ceremonies
avatar for Andy Caldwell

Andy Caldwell

Front Range Community College
Astronomy and Geology Faculty Member
avatar for Dr. Kenneth Carpenter

Dr. Kenneth Carpenter

Scientist, Hubble Space Telescope
avatar for Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll

Space Artist and Science Writer
avatar for Kelley Commeford

Kelley Commeford

Physics Enthusiast
avatar for Dr. Dan Durda

Dr. Dan Durda

Southwest Research Institute
Scientist, Space Artist
avatar for Dr. Christopher Grasso

Dr. Christopher Grasso

Blue Sun Enterprises
Principal Engineer
avatar for Dr. Carly Howett

Dr. Carly Howett

Southwest Research Institute
Planetary Scientist, New Horizons
avatar for Pieter Kallemeyn

Pieter Kallemeyn

Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Design and Operations Engineer
avatar for Sarah Lipscy, PhD

Sarah Lipscy, PhD

Ball Aerospace
Business Development Manager, Civil Space
avatar for Carolyn Collins Petersen

Carolyn Collins Petersen

Loch Ness Productions
Science Writer, Documentarian
avatar for Phil Watson

Phil Watson

Super Collector, Historian
Sharon's Husband