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With nearly 600 comic titles to his name, there are not many characters that Daniel ‘Dan’ Green has not worked on either penciling, inking, writing, or even doing the cover for the book.  Below is a Dan’s journey.

Like many fledgling artists I was inexperienced at visual story-telling and an incredibly slow penciler, but while working on these techniques I also worked hard to develop my inking skills and was hired by National (DC) Comics. While working there I also discovered how liberating finishing another artist’s work could be by allowing me to detach from the insecurity that caused me to continually second-guess my instincts.

After 11 years in the business I bolstered the courage to try again as a ‘penciler’. The job penciling the bi-monthly title ‘Doctor Strange’ opened up in 1982 and I was offered the gig… I signed on, primarily because as a bi-monthly book it required only 17 pages of pencil art over 60 days. “Easy!”, thought I! …Little did I suspect, that even this light work load would prove enough to break me… literally; I could not keep up and lasted only 4 issues. So, back to inking… head bowed low, with a huge respect and admiration for folks that could do one or more monthly titles!

Then, after another couple of years inking some very demanding titles for Marvel, I had a conversation with JMD that came around to the good Doctor. I’m not sure if Marc had ever written the character, but he was keen to do something with me and Stephen Strange… on an EPIC SCALE. I was unhappy with my own meager attempts at penciling, so we decided to begin working together crafting a tale that might satisfy each of us in that troubled time in human-kind’s narrative… And so, after numerous brain-storming sessions we had a rough idea of the story that became ‘INTO SHAMBALLAH’. It is at its core a story of redemption for Strange and without knowing it, for all of humanity! No mean task!! For me, the challenges presented by this enterprise, were HUGE! On a personal level, they were, to overcome my fear of another failure as a penciler. And to face the hard work of this large commitment. And, not to let anyone (else) down… not again. On the artistic level, I felt that I had a lot to prove… to myself and to my contemporaries who had done so much great work over the years since we started out as kids, sitting around the coffee room at National Comics, hungry for freelance work in 1971… This project was to me, The Holy Grail….